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Pricing and Schedules


Teacher training workshop and Materials Fees


  “Yokids” Teacher Training Preschool-2nd grade (3Hours)                                                      $325.00
Teachers are introduced to various books and materials that they can use for everyday teaching. Stationary works, games, Yoga cards , Yoga theme posters, partner work and storytime Yoga.

  “YogaEd.” Tools for Teachers Training (3 hours)                                                                         $325.00
Introduction and practice of the four yoga tools: time in, postures, games and relaxation. This workshop uses the “YogaEd.” curriculum to equip school teachers with yoga tools that can be used in the classroom for 5-10 minutes. This workshop instructs teachers to incorporate yoga into their everyday teaching. Students and teachers will learn poses that can be used at their desks, sitting or standing as well as in limited spaced classrooms. Teachers will learn the four Yoga tools as well as aims and focuses of Yoga postures and breathing exercises.

 YogaEd.” Full day in school Teacher Training:(6 Hours)                                                           $700.00
This is an in depth study of the “YogaEd.” Training manual. We will look at all four chapters of the text and each teacher will have an opportunity to experience yoga in action. We will see how certain poses, games, breath work and relaxation can gain the desired behavior for specific times of the children’s school day. Early Morning, Testing, transition time and at the end of the day.

 *Fees for teacher training do not include travel or mileage

Materials that support “YogaEd.” Teacher training:


“YogaEd.” K-8 Tools for Teachers Manual”:                                               $35.00 (20 or more $30.00)Designed to support and inform the implementation of yoga tools in the classroom, the “Tools for Teachers Manual” is an illustrated reference of all the content of the “YogaEd.”  Teacher Training. The manual includes: sample yoga tools sessions, benefits and research to health and education as well as intructions  for all games, poses, breathing techniques and guided relaxation. Nutritional and health information is included in reproducible pages for teachers and their students.


 Yoga Pretzel Deck:                                                $20.00 authors: Tara Guber and Leah Kalish
A large sturdy vibrantly colorful deck of 50 fun yoga activities for the home classroom. Cards are beautifully illustrated and divided into specific color coded categories.


 Materials that support “Yokids” Teacher Training:


“The Yoga ABC’s” author Deborah Ryzewski                                                                               $20.00
This book contains 54 glossy pages of fun and healthy yoga poses that coordinate with the letters of the alphabet. A great way to integrate yoga and literacy in the classroom.

 “Yogakids: Educating the Whole Child through Yoga” written by Marsha Wenig                      $20.00
This books teaches yoga to children by incorporating the multiple learning styles with traditional yoga poses and their benefits.


Fees for Yoga Classes 

Yoga classes for students and teachers. All classes are taught by a certified lead yoga instructor and a support teacher. The price for all classes includes: blankets, mats, and all other supportive materials, set up and break down of the classroom or gym. Depending on the distance of the school some class prices include travel time.

      Yoga classes for children will focus on the anatomical aspects of poses. This helps relieve children of stress, tension and worries as they learn to focus on minute and intricate movements of the body. Yoga taught in this manner helps children to think from the inside out as they connect and become familiar with their bodies. Classes will also focus on posture aims and goals. Children will learn how to choose specific poses to reach desirable levels of calmness, energy, focus and concentration. We will also teach children to prepare for exams and testing.   

All classes - up to one hour, maximum 25 children ( Pre K -8)

“Yokids” Instructors Lily Goodale and Lynnette Moore are more than happy to come to your school for an early morning yoga class for homeroom teachers.

Cost per teacher is a $5.00 drop in fee.