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YoKids List of Resources

Weymouth School
Captain Albert Stevens School

News Articles
Inner Tapestry Article

Children’s Yoga Books
My Daddy is a Pretzel
By: Baron Baptiste

Yoga in Action
By: Bobbie Kalman

Yoga Kids
By: Marsha Wenig

Barbara’s Yoga for Elephants
By: Laurent De Brunhoff

The ABC’S of Yoga
By: Deborah Ryzewski

Children’s Book of Yoga
By: Thia Luby

A Children’s Garden of Yoga
By: Baba Hari Dass

Yoga for Children
By: Mary Stewart / Kathy Phillips

Family Yoga
By :Teressa Asencia

Little Yogi Coloring Book
By:Wai Lana

Yoga Calm for Children
By: Lynea and Jim Gillen

The YogaEd Teacher’s Manual
By : Tara Guber

The Girl’s Yoga Book
By: Michaela Caldwell

Yoga Games
:By: Danielle Bersma / Majoke Visscher

A Girl’s Guide to Yoga
By: Jeanne Finestone

Walk like a Bear, Stand like a Tree, Run like the Wind
By: Carol Bassett

Adult Yoga Books
Yoga for Women
By: Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Partner Yoga
By: Cain Carroll/Lori Kimata

Yoga Breathing
By: Scott Shaw

American Yoga
By: Carrie Schneider

Yoga for 50 +
By: Richard Rosen

K.I.S.S. Guide to Women’s Yoga
By: Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Supportive Children’s Books
Peaceful Piggy Meditations

Cassandra’s Angel
By: Gina Otto

The Feeling’s Book
American Girl Co.

By: Catherine O’Neill

The Muscles and Bones Book
By: Usborne Science

This Wish is for You
By: Laughing Elephant Books

How can you Dance?
By: Rick Walton/Ana Lopez Esctiva

A Quiet Place
By: Douglas Wood

Whoever You are
By: Leslie Staub

All I can See is a Part of Me
By: Chara M Curtis

Giving Thanks
By: Chief Jake Swamp

Imagine That
By: Kenneth K Cohen

Each Breath a Smile
By: Sister Susan

Moonbeam Meditations
By: Maureen Garth

A Listening Walk
By: Paul Showers

The Children of the Earth Remember
By: Schim Schimmel

The Goose’s Story
By: Carl Best

The Boy and the Bear
By Lori Lite

Supportive DVD’s VHS
Yoga Sanctuary
Shiva Rea

Yoga for Women

Yoga In Motion
Shakta Kaur

Yoga Basics
Himalayan Institute

Total Yoga

Yoga Kids
Marsha Wenig

Yoga Games and Yoga Cards
The Yoga Pretzel Deck
By Tara Guber / Leah Kalish

The Yoga Kit for Kids
By: Imaginazium

The Yoga Deck for Adults

Yogateers Yoga Mat and Game

* Many More games available at www. amazon.com

Lynnette Moore and Lily Goodale have come out with their own Yoga DVD and Guide book, Moore Yoga, a  Home room teacher’s guide to the simple application of yoga in the classroom.

This DVD is now available for purchase for $19.95. To Purchase a copy of this DVD make check payable to Moore Yoga and send to 6 Church Street, Belfast, Maine 04915

Resources on the Web
www.spiritvoyage.com (Yoga Music)
www.walmart.com ( yoga books)
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